This website has been developed and funded by ALK and is intended for patients who have been prescribed Jext ®, their parents and carers.


Shock and panic are emotions that you’re likely to have faced when your child suffered an anaphylactic reaction.

It is a worrying time for you as a parent and difficult to take in all the information given to you at the hospital when you are still in shock.

Patient support

ALK have produced a number of Jext® patient support materials for you so that you understand more about anaphylaxis and Jext®. These are here to help you feel more confident about what to do in an emergency if your child suffers an anaphylactic reaction again.

Patient support materials include:

Jext® app

Download the free Jext® app, especially designed to support you 24/7. The app has useful features including an ‘in an emergency’ guide and help on holiday.

Features include:

  • Information on anaphylaxis
  • Instructions for using Jext®
  • Demonstration videos
  • An expiry alert reminder system

Expiry alert service

Your Jext® has an expiry date. You can register with the free ALK Expiry Alert service to receive alerts warning you when your Jext® is due to expire and needs to be replaced by your GP.

We will send through free notifications by SMS or email, or both, notifying you when your Jext® is due to expire.

Complimentary Jext® Trainer pen

Request a free of charge Jext® trainer pen when you register for an expiry alert – or order one here.

How to use videos

Watch our instructional ‘how to use’ videos to familiarise your child, and yourself, with how to use Jext® should they ever need to