This website has been developed and funded by ALK and is intended for patients who have been prescribed Jext ®, their parents and carers.


Has your brother or sister had an anaphylactic reaction?

When your brother or sister suffered a severe allergic reaction it must have been a scary experience for you too. You may have even had to go to hospital with them and wait around whilst they were being treated.


Your family have probably been very worried about your sibling and it may seem like they are always worrying about them whenever they go out or eat something. You should remember this does not mean that your family care more about them than you.

It’s just because your family have to be very careful to make sure your brother or sister avoid whatever caused the anaphylactic reaction so that it doesn’t happen again.

Support materials to help your sibling

Jext® app

Download the free Jext® app, especially designed to support you 24/7. The app has useful features including an ‘in an emergency’ guide and help on holiday.

Features include:

  • Information on anaphylaxis
  • Instructions for using Jext®
  • Demonstration videos
  • An expiry alert reminder system

Expiry alert service

Your Jext® has an expiry date. You can register with the free ALK Expiry Alert service to receive alerts warning you when your Jext® is due to expire and needs to be replaced by your GP.

We will send through free notifications by SMS or email, or both, notifying you when your Jext® is due to expire.

Complimentary Jext® Trainer pen

Your brother or sister can request a free of charge Jext® trainer pen which will help them to practise using their Jext® – should they ever need to use the real thing.

How to use videos

Take a look at this video to see what your sibling, or you, can do if an anaphylactic shock ever happens to them.